Thursday, March 1, 2007

Step 7 : Turn Subscribers Into Partners

Your subscriber list is easily the most accessible profit source open to you at anytime. They already know, trust and hopefully respond well to you so you have a good relationship going.

It’s more effective and easier to work with existing established relationships.

You must look upon them as partners in profit. Nuture and train your list to be successful, and you’ll be successful too! There’s something of a universal law in this.

The first step after creating and launching your product would be to set up an affiliate program, after which you get your subscribers to become your joint venture partners and affiliates.

Either provide them a copy of your product, or offer it to them at a superb discount, so that they know what they’re promoting. Create winning affiliate tools to help them, similarly as what you would for normal affiliates.

If you have a relatively huge and responsive list, plus a quality product, you’re going to get phenomenal results from this one tactic alone!

Some people believe that the list should be squeezed dry till the last drop of money is gone, but why not treat subscribers as partners instead as mentioned before?

It’s a definite win-win relationship, everyone benefits and make money together.

Similarly, this works even if you do not have your own product.

Step 6 : Create Your Own Product Based On These Needs

This next step will get you into product creation of your own.

By now (this may be 3, 6 months or more down the road) :

- You have an established ezine or opt-in list…
- Your subscriber list is growing bigger by the day…
- You are making money through various affiliate programs...
- You have residual income from certain affiliate programs…
- You’ve a better idea of what your subscribers are looking for…

You are ready to re-invest some profits into creating your own product!

Follow these points in preparing for your product creation :

- Survey and ask your subscribers what products they want
- Double check the potential at online forums
- Check if there’s a profitable market by determing how many people are searching for it at the search engines. Use tools like , or
- Look offline at magazines, newspapers to see what’s being advertised regularly and successfully.

Find a starving crowd and feed them!

Once you’ve come up with good product ideas, and had researched the market profitability of your ideas, start creating!